The children, who have found a home in the Omaruru Children’s Haven, are coming from difficult family backgrounds and often have never had any fixed responsibilities. Due to this it is one of the basic principles of our institution that all children have their assigned duties and take over more and more responsibilities as they grow up.

All children, regardless of their age, take turns in helping the housemothers with setting the tables before and washing the dishes after the meals. Furthermore they have to clean their own shoes.

When the children become a little older they also help with cultivating the green house and the hen house as well as with the watering of the trees. In return they receive a little pocket money. In addition to that the big children are also taught how to do their own laundry and subsequently do it on their own.

For housemothers, management and volunteers alike it is always wonderful to see how, as a result of this educational approach, the bigger children start to take over responsibilities for the smaller children on their own. The big girls love to animate the other children to sing and dance and the big boys are always keen on organizing football games and tournaments. Also they do care very lovingly for the smallest members of the Omaruru Children’s Haven family, regardless of whether they need to be comforted or reprimanded or a full nappy needs changing.