Even though the lives of the children in the Omaruru Children’s Haven have a very distinct structure, that is built mainly around school and study time, there is enough time to break free from the daily routines and mix it up every once in a while.

Often it is our volunteers that organize events with a lot of love and passion, no matter whether it is a little talent show, a disco evening or visiting a swimming pool together.

Especially during school holidays we also try to go on bigger excursions, during the organization of which we are very careful to include educational elements alongside the fun. We went to Windhoek with the bigger children in 2012, for example, where we not only went to the movies and to eat pizza, but also visited the national museum and the Tintenpalast, seat of the Namibian parliament. At the same time our smaller children went on a trip to AiAiba, where they played, sang and ate together, but also curiously watched a presentation by San people (commonly known as bushmen). Trapping, fire making, discovering ancient rock paintings as well as singing and dancing together with the San were a lot of fun for children, volunteers and housemothers alike and enabled us learn a little about the traditional way of living of the world’s oldest still existing culture (40.000 years).

It is one of the Omaruru Children’s Haven’s principles that the children in our care not only have fun, but also learn something about the cultures, traditions, history, nature and wildlife of Namibia during our field trips.