The children living in the Omaruru Children’s Haven are all gifted and enthusiastic singers and dancers. For housemothers, volunteers and visitors alike it is one of the most beautiful and memorable moments, when the children start to sing and dance after dinner, often led by one of the bigger girls. In order to promote this we are offering voluntary music lessons since March 2012. The children can choose between piano, flute and singing lessons and are going in groups of four to five children once a week to the music lessons in a local church.

Even though the music lessons are on a voluntary basis, we have made it very clear to the children, that, if they opt for it, they are expected to attend the lessons for at least one year. Due to this we are even more happy about the fact that within a two month period the initial participants increased to eighteen happy musicians, who often start asking two days before the next lesson, when they can go and practice again.

In addition to the musical education the main reason for offering our children this possibility is to show them the joy of learning and one’s own progress. This is a very valuable experience, especially for those children that are struggling a little in school.