Schooling for the children in the Omaruru Children’s Haven starts at the age of three, when they start attending the kindergarten of a local church. Here the foundations for a successful academic career are being laid in a playful and joyous manner.

At the age of six they start attending one of the three primary schools in Omaruru. Which child attends which school is determined by the child’s tribe, due to the fact that all three primary schools are offering native speaker classes in a local language (Khoekhoegowab, Herrero, Afrikaans) in addition to the main classes that are being taught in English. This is a good opportunity, especially for orphaned children, to learn more about the culture and traditions of their own tribe.

After the end of the seven-year primary school education the children then change to Omaruru’s only secondary school, the S. I. !Gobs Senior Secondary School, where based on age and ability they complete a ten or twelve-year school degree.

Even though Omaruru’s teachers are highly motivated, we have to complement the state’s educational programs with our own study time, to ensure our children’s academic success, given the financial constraints the schools are facing, the size of the classes and the difficult backgrounds of the children in our care.