The children in the Omaruru Children’s Haven are attending three different primary schools (grades one to seven) and the secondary school (grades eight to twelve). The younger children are attending pre-primary education in the kindergarten of a local church.

With an average of forty learners per class and a similar teacher student ratio in the study times offered by the schools, we are very happy to be able to have our own study time with a much better learner to teacher ratio.

From Monday to Friday our five volunteers are preparing individual assignments for the children, while they are in school. The main focus is on the core subjects English (reading and writing) and mathematics as well as the individual weaknesses of the children. The volunteers try to specifically include the subject matters that are currently being taught in the schools.

After lunch and the following resting time the first thirty minute study time starts for the pre-primary children and grades one to three, where we try to help our children gain an advantage for their entire school career. Directly after the small children are done it is study time for grades four to seven. Here the emphasis is more often on catching up with backlogs that the children accumulated in their time before coming to the Omaruru Children’s Haven.

After dinner our big children (16 to 19 years of age) are coached for sixty to ninety minutes on a one on one basis. In addition to understanding and finishing the school assignments the emphasis here is especially on other required competencies like independent research of facts and evaluating the quality of sources discovered.

That we are doing something right with this program becomes most apparent shortly before the trimester exams, when especially the big children request extra study time to aid them with the preparation for their exams – and of course our team is always happy to oblige.