In Kind Godparentship


The Omaruru Children’s Haven is largely financed by donations and we are very happy for every contribution, no matter whether it is 10 Euro or 1000 Euro. Because every contribution means that one person is interested in the life and wellbeing of our children and actively helps to give them a better perspective for a future as self-determined, independent and responsible adult.

If you want to continuously support the Omaruru Children’s Haven, but cannot give the time necessary for a godparentship, then we hope to interest you in taking over an in kind godparentship:

Of course you are free to contribute any other amount of your choosing to the Omaruru Children’s Haven. We are happy to let you know how we used your contribution, if you are interested in that.

For further information with regard to in kind godparentships please contact:

Björn Pape (