In the Omaruru Children’s Haven we are making a point of having a balanced diet based on traditional Namibian dishes. Our children are receiving three meals per day and lunch and dinner are always warm meals. Furthermore the children are getting a little lunch box for school and kindergarten, which always includes some fruits of the season (primarily apples and oranges).

The base of many meals is mealie pap, a maize mush, which is served sweetened for breakfast, but can also be served as supplement for hearty meat and vegetable dishes. Every once in a while we are also serving veggies from our green house or eggs from the hen house that are being cared for by the children.

The Omaruru Children’s Haven team is very proud of the fact that our weekly menu has been explicitly praised by a parliamentary delegation that visited our institution in February 2012 and that this menu has been adopted by various other child-care facilities since then.