Namibia is located in the southern part of Africa and is, like its neighbors South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia one of the countries that is most heavily affected by the HIV/AIDS. With 17% of the total population infected by the virus, Namibia has the fourth-highest infection rate in the entire world.

A variety of preventive and educational measures that have been implemented through government programs and by international organizations in the past, have led to a stabilization of this figure. But despite all these measures HIV/AIDS is still on the rise  especially in rural areas that are characterized by a low level of education and a high unemployment rate. Erongo region, in which Omaruru is located, is one of these areas.

If an antiretroviral treatment is given during pregnancy it is possible to reduce the infection risk of unborn children and during birth to as little as 4%. However, due to the above-mentioned problems the nation-wide mother-to-child infection rate still remains as high as 12%.

Due to the epidemic dimensions of the disease in Namibia there is a large number of single and double orphans and children, whose parents are weakened too much by the disease to adequately care for their children. Providing the best-possible medical treatment for all our children, HIV positive and negative alike, is one of the core aspects of our work. Especially with HIV positive children, however, the aspect of spiritual guidance also is of great importance.