If you are entering the Omaruru Children’s Haven for the first time and are excitedly welcomed by a bunch of happy and joyful children, who don’t care for your age or the color of your skin, it is hard to keep in mind that the majority of these children have suffered severe psychological traumata in the time before their admission into the Omaruru Children’s Haven

There are children living in the Omaruru Children’s Haven that have been neglected, children that have suffered from various forms of physical and psychological violence, children that have seen the sickness and dying of their parents, some of them with the knowledge, that they suffer from the same disease.

Due to this we are working very closely with a children’s psychologist to assist the children in the processing and overcoming of the traumata they suffered before their admission, because untreated these might now or  in the years to come negatively influence or even destroy their lives.

Another important aspect of our pastoral care is the support for HIV positive children. With the onset of puberty children are often starting to suffer very strongly from their disease. The question “Why me?“ is frequently asked, especially if HIV negative siblings are also living in the facility. We are trying to explain with a lot of love and empathy that having HIV/AIDS today is no obstacle to living a perfectly normal life and that acceptance and learning to adequately deal with the sickness and the own physical restraints are a core component of growing up to become a confident and happy young adult.