The Omaruru Children’s Haven funding is 75% donation-based, which is the reason why we are grateful for every kind of contribution coming our way, which, of course, includes donations in kind. It is always a very special day for our children as well as for housemothers and volunteers when an unannounced package is opened and we find pens, sweets, toys or the like inside.

Only with generous in kind donations from Europe it has been possible for us to equip and inaugurate our computer lab and our workshop. However, especially with larger volume in kind donations it needs to be noted that the transport costs from Europe can be substantial. Consequently we are assessing the economic feasibility of accepting such donations on a case by case basis. Of course we are always willing to help with planning and execution of in kind donation transports. If you want to support the Omaruru Children’s Haven by means of an in kind donation, please contact us at: