The Omaruru Children’s Haven is offering a program where you have the possibility to become a godparent for one of our children. A godparent is supporting their godchild with 30 Euro (350 N$) per month and maintains a regular contact with him or her. The financial contributions are exclusively used for the wellbeing of the supported children. Excursions, birthday parties and presents as well as medical examinations from private practitioners are financed by the godparents’ contributions. The government health care is free of charge for orphans and vulnerable children, but the quality of private practitioners is often better than those of government institutions. In return the godparents receive a little glimpse into the life and growing up of their godchild on a regular basis and sometimes even a picture drawn or a letter written by their godchild.

We want to emphasize that taking over a godparentship is more than a financial obligation! Our children are often asking about their godparents and are happy about every letter they receive from them. To ensure this personal bond we cannot allow more than two godparents per child. Thus, it is possible that at the time of your application no child is available for a godparentship. If you want to continuously support the Omaruru Children’s Haven without having to maintain a regular contact with a godchild, then maybe an in kind godparentship is the right thing for you.


For more information on our godparent program please contact:

Björn Pape (