The Omaruru Children’s Haven is currently undergoing a phase of change. After having constantly grown in the past ten years the Omaruru Children’s Haven is now home to 30 children, five housemothers and five volunteers. This also means that the two primary houses have become too small.

Due to this we are working to expand our facilities over a four-year period (2011-2014) separated into four construction phases. We will build one entirely new house and renovate and remodel the existing three buildings. In addition to adapting the existing structures to the larger number of children to be accommodated we will also switch step by step from a hostel-style accommodation to a family-based living situation. Our example is the set-up of the SOS children’s villages wherein one housemother lives together with a maximum of seven children in one house.

The first house run with the new concept has been occupied in the summer of 2012. The new house, which will accommodate another group, is expected to be finished in 2013. After the completion of this building the remaining two houses will be renovated and restructured until the end of 2014.