Our guiding principles

Children and teenagers need loving adults who support them and whom they can trust. They have a right to education, protection, health and upbringing. We support children and teenagers who have up until now been robbed of these rights. Every young person is entitled to support for physical, emotional and social development. This means treating each other mindfully but also creating rules and ensuring that these are fulfilled in a familiar atmosphere. Our children and teenagers learn to do tasks and take responsibility for themselves and others. This is how they realise what is important for living independently. 

It is highly important to us that siblings grow up together in accordance with their culture and tradition in the family-based living situation. We try to work with the children’s and teenagers’ families as closely as possible. The children can visit their families in the holidays and on public holidays and they are reintegrated whenever possible. 

We want to give each and every child and teenager the optimal conditions for developing appropriately in their unique ways. Our work focuses on the well-being of our children and teenagers. It is our responsibility to support their strengths, so they are able to one day leave the Omaruru Children’s Haven as responsible and social people and make their own way in the world. They can continuously rely on our support. We are a family.