Our team

At the moment our team consists of our management, our five house mothers, a nanny and four volunteers.

Mr. Lazarus Musambani has been the director of our children’s home since December 2009 and is in charge of the organisation of the Omaruru Children’s Haven together with our manager Mrs. Sonja Mumbala. This includes managing the donations and the contact with stakeholders like ministries, schools, doctors and families. Their work is an important basis for life in the Haven.

Our five house mothers ensure structure in day to day life and are the most important contact people for our children and teenagers. They live in a house with five to seven children and teenagers and take care of all of the duties that would normally be the biological parents’ responsibility. The house mothers are in charge of the children’s hygiene, the food and the bedtime and they also take care of wounds and tears. They are often the people that the children and teenagers go to first when they are struggling in school, when they succeed in something and also with their day to day insecurities or even big life-plans. The house mothers find teaching their fosterlings about traditional values and standards really important. Additionally to this, a nanny comes on a daily basis and supports the house mothers in whatever way necessary at the time.

The volunteers assist our house mothers. They organise the daily Study-, Creative- and Reading-Time and take care    of other chores like for example going shopping.  In addition to the educational aspect, they are in charge of games and fun and think of activities for the weekends.                        

On weekdays the whole team meets every morning at nine o’clock. These morning meetings are used for the exchange of information between the members of staff. The current day is discussed, tasks are distributed and problems and worries are presented, so that the group can find solutions. Although the chores are distributed, nobody is left on their own and everyone can count on help from each and every other member of the team. Through this daily interlinking a harmonic cooperation, which is based on appreciation and the common goal of making a safe home for the children and teenagers, is created.